Web Design

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

AsRES-GCREC Conference 2023 Website

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) entrusted our team to craft a dedicated website for the 2023 AsRES-GCREC Joint International Real Estate Conference. The design was intricately woven to echo the conference's pivotal themes: urban evolution, cutting-edge real estate technology (PropTech), innovation, diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability. Beyond presenting information, the conference aspires to be a vibrant hub for scholars and professionals to share research insights and foster intellectual dialogues. Thus, our design approach aimed to encapsulate an international flair, exude professional reliability, offer rich data-driven content, and infuse a touch of futuristic vibrancy in its palette.

Showcasing Conference Themes and Facilitating User Experience

Our team skilfully designed the website to highlight the conference's main themes, immediately showcasing Hong Kong's dynamic cityscape. A circular motif runs throughout, symbolising global unity and diversity. Vibrant photographs break up the textual content, adding energy. We've also structured all vital conference details, from keynote speakers to registration, in user-friendly tables for easy navigation and planning.


Showcasing Hong Kong & Preserving Conference Memories

To enhance the attendees' experience, the website introduces Hong Kong, aiming to familiarize both local and international guests with the conference venue. The website featured the "Hello Hong Kong" video from the Hong Kong Tourism Board prominently, highlighting the city's global appeal. Post the 2023 AsRES-GCREC conference, our team helped update the website's media library with photos and videos from the event, encapsulating the moments of interaction and emphasizing the conference's values of inclusivity and connection.