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Brand Website Design

Rosamund MOISELLE is a loungewear brand created by former actress Rosamund Kwan in collaboration with international high fashion brand MOISELLE. An embodiment of elegance, fashion, quality, and comfort, the brand brings women of different ages a wide range of boutique loungewear and reimagines the pajama-wearing experience.

Equally glamorous and is a great attraction to visitors is the website that Creasant designed for the brand. Fitted with a banner slideshow featuring editorial images of the brand’s latest collection, the website keeps its focus on letting the products do the talking. Much like pajamas have to look good both in the bedroom and on the runway, a website today must not look good only on a desktop screen. The fully responsiveness of the website means it is able to adapt to whatever device or browser a visitor uses to visit the website.

Superb User Experience

Also featured on the website are products from the brand’s every collection and videos of fashion shows held by the brand every season. The use of a stylish magazine-like layout, image header sliders, carousels, galleries, and other creative components provide a smooth user experience. And it is further enhanced with the creative arrangement of categories, offering quick and easy navigation through the site. As part of the brand’s web marketing mix, media coverage on the brand’s founder and latest events is also regularly updated on the website.


The Finishing Touches

Fashion lovers are keen to keep up to date with fashion trends and tips, which is why including the brand’s advertorials in the website is a meaningful touch that creates value for the brand’s target audience. The website is also equipped with an interactive map that helps visitors locate the stores nearest to them. Each listing also includes store information such as opening hours, telephone number, etc.