Web Design


Website & Mobile App

As one of the leading health and personal care retailers in Hong Kong, Mannings needed a website that would grow with them for the long term. Creasant developed a website that reflects the established brand’s iconic branding and informs visitors what they need, whilst being easy to navigate and inviting. The fun energy of the brand’s mascot Mannings Cat is channeled through the website design with the orange theme and big compelling visuals, giving off the cheerful feeling one would experience in one of the Mannings stores.

Tailored experience across every device

What captures the viewers are the large promotional images, illustrations, and article thumbnails that dominate the page. They are displayed in a grid layout that resembles a social media feed, inviting visitors to discover the latest offers. Creasant also made use of a fluid grid to design a standout responsive website. Not only does the font color change to accommodate the background color when shifting from desktop to handheld devices, but the way images are laid out changes as well. The three-column layout where the images are placed will shift to a single-column layout, ensuring all information is well presented and conveyed to the visitors.


Optimized Navigation

The well thought out paging means that visitors can easily find more discounts offered by Mannings and their partner businesses. In the Career page, one can find everything there is to know about working for the company. Recruitment details, company values, and employee testimonials are laid out with friendly and professional imagery that appropriately reflects the corporate culture.


Scan to collect rewards

Creasant also developed an app for Mannings customers and keep track of their loyalty points through their smartphone. When making a purchase, the customer can simply present the membership barcode in the app. In addition, the app will notify users of the latest offers and exclusive coupons. Users can also look up store information, such as opening hours and phone numbers, and locate nearby stores through the app.