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Hyundai Hong Kong

Click to Buy Website

As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes our world, more consumers have begun shopping online in greater numbers and frequency. Aligning with its forward-thinking retail strategy, the South Korean automotive giant Hyundai partnered with Creasant to roll out Click-to-Buy, the brand’s first online car buying platform in Hong Kong. Free from time and geographical constraints, customers can log on to the Click-to-Buy platform anytime and anywhere through their smartphones or computers to shop for and personalize their automobiles.

The relevant car models’ specifications, reviews, and detailed car features like safety system and machine performance are all available on the platform to facilitate a customer’s buying decisions. The customer can then use the 360-degree 3D configurator on the platform to pick a body color and seat texture and get a preview of the car’s interior and exterior. In addition, the platform will also automatically record the customer’s browsing history so that they can review past records anytime and continue shopping at their own pace.

Streamlined Purchasing Process

From selecting a car model to making the payment, customers can complete their car purchase process in just five steps on the Click-to-Buy platform. After selecting a car model and its configurations, the customer can choose to pay the driveaway price or customize a financing plan. The built-in calculator will automatically work out the total price and monthly payment depending on the customer’s option package and budget. The customer will then be taken to make a safe online booking payment to secure their order. They can then choose a location and time to pick up the car.


Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

Before the transaction is complete, the system will show the order summary for the customer to review their selected car model, configurations, financing method, and personal details. After the customer has made the payment, the system will assign a sales consultant to follow up on the order, ensuring any post-purchase enquiries are well taken care of.