Web Design

Hong Kong Archives Society

Pokfulam Village Community Archives

Pokfulam Village is one of the oldest villages in Hong Kong, dating back to as far back as the 1700s. To identify, record, and preserve the history, heritage and culture of the village, the Hong Kong Archives Society established a community archive in the form of a database.

Creasant was commissioned to design a website to present the archival works. The finished product not only looks aesthetically pleasing, with its calming color palette and its stylized heading treatment, but also creates a narrative on the village’s vigor and resilience through the use of cohesive web elements, the display of the village’s unique cultural relics, and the compelling copies.

Intuitive and User-friendly Interface

A straightforward and logical website structure is adopted to showcase the large compilation of images and the organizer’s latest events. The fully responsive website makes the viewing experience optimal and the content readily accessible.


Nostalgic Branding

The video homepage header and the hero images in the subpages captivate visitors at first glance and instantly connect with them on an emotional level. The words that hover the homepage header serve not only as a menu but also represent themes of the website. The monochrome blue color palette used throughout the website exudes nostalgia, tranquility, and innocence, as one would feel after reviewing the heart-warming content.