Web Design

Goodman DP World Hong Kong Limited

Website Design and Development

Goodman DP World, a joint venture formed between Goodman Hong Kong Logistics Fund and DP World, providing ownership in ATL Logistics Centre Hong Kong (ATL) and CSX World Terminals Hong Kong, located at Kwai Tsing Container Terminal 3 (CT3). ATL is the world's first and largest multi-storey cargo logistics centre whereas CT3 is the most productive terminal operator in Hong Kong. Creasant were trusted with the development of the respective websites for Goodman DP World, ATL, and CT3.

Creasant gave the Goodman DP World website a fairly simple and clean layout where the overview of the company and those of the two subsidiaries are laid out on the home page. The main homepage banner and subsequent banners are visual representations of the company and the two subsidiaries respectively, with an introductory text blurb next to each banner that describes who they are and what they do. In the navigation menu are links to the ATL and CT3 websites for people who want to learn about the subsidiaries in depth.

CT3 & ATL Websites

As CT3 offers 24/7 and year-round container terminal services and ancillary services such as on-dock equipment repair and container storage, schedules of its daily services and shuttle bus service are prominently displayed on its website for the convenience of workers and customers. ATL provides warehouse and ancillary office leasing, in addition to logistics management services. Detailed floor plans of the facilities, building specifications, rental information, and transportation information are presented in an organized manner for potential tenants.


Effective Visual Communication

Creasant made sure that there is a balance between texts and images on both the ATL and CT3 websites so that visitors won’t feel as though they’re being overloaded with information. Data such as CT3’s annual throughput, tractor turnaround time, and daily gate transactions are all presented as infographics. It is an effective way to give visitors plenty of information without requiring a lot of
reading. The seemingly boring and formidable data are turned into appealing illustrations in colors that are calming and denote professionalism, lowering visitors’ psychological barrier to information absorption.


Aerial and 360° Panorama Photography

What keeps the three websites consistently on brand are the breathtaking, wide-angled photos of both the interior and exterior of the facilities taken and retouched by Creasant’s team of professional photographers. The aerial video of the ATL building and the neighboring CT3 on the ATL homepage and the aerial panorama photos of the facilities dotted throughout the three websites really demonstrate the scale of Goodman DP World’s operations. Creasant also created a Virtual Tour of the entire ATL building, giving visitors a 360-degree view of each floor, from the lobby, conference rooms, warehouse, to club house facilities like gyms and squash courts. It is a unique and engaging feature that not only impresses visitors but also facilitates potential tenants’ renting decisions.