Web Design

City University of Hong Kong

Cyber-Joy Enjoy Lab Website

Cyber-Joy Enjoy Lab is a project led by a team of researchers from CityU’s C.A.R.E Lab, with the aim of promoting cyber ethics on campus and providing CityU undergraduates and academic staff with cyberbullying prevention resources.

Creasant created an effective and welcoming website design to present students with useful information on cyberbullying and ways to get support.


Vibrant Colors & Illustrations

Vibrantly colored thumbnails with modern illustrations are adopted to appeal to a younger audience. The illustrations serve as visual explanations in addition to maintaining the project's stylistic coherence and emphasizing its key messages.

Memorable Custom Characters

Creasant designed a character for each of the four typical online aggressors/victims: Proactive Aggressor, Reactive Aggressor, Aggressive Victim and Pure Victim. The appearance of each character vividly embodies the type they represent, making it easy for visitors to remember.


Neatly Packed Info

The website covers a wide range of topics on online behavior. Accordion menus are featured on relevant pages where visitors can click on headers to reveal or hide content associated with them. This exposes content in a progressive manner while organized.

In addition, visitors can assess their tendency in online aggression and victimization by completing a questionnaire with a real-time score counter that delivers instant results.