Web Design

Alliance Primary School, Kowloon Tong

School Website Revamp

Traditional elite school - Alliance Primary School, Kowloon Tong (APSKT) advocates students’ development in morality, intelligence, physique, social skills, aesthetics and spirit. Through comprehensive religious studies and quality education, APSKT elevates students’ personal qualities while nurturing excellence in every aspect of their lives.

Creasant kept the school ethos in mind when revamping APSKT’s website, with a focus on highlighting the fruitful results of the school’s emphasis on multifaceted development.


Milestone after Milestone

On the School History page, Creasant’s design team created a vertical timeline for visitors to scroll down and read through the many milestones the school has reached since its establishment in 1953; photos of the school in different eras are also included.

Emphasis on Extracurricular Participation

Charts, pictures, thumbnails and news columns are utilized to showcase the variety of extracurricular activities the school offers and the importance it places on its students' development beyond the classroom. Creasant’s programming team made sure the website layout is responsive so that parents and students can browse the website on mobile devices.


Elements of Holistic Learning

In addition to academic and physical education, music, global-mindedness and civic education are the elements of the school’s approach to holistic learning. The five elements are presented as icons on the homepage. Each icon is hyperlinked to a page detailed with the latest student achievements in that specific arena.