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Roger Federer Memorabilia Photography Services

Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player who holds 103 ATP titles and 20 Grand Slams. Widely considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Roger Federer has a large fan base spread across the world.

Creasant was commissioned by a private collector to photograph a series of autographed items by Federer. The entire collection of 25 valuable clothing items includes T-shirts, tennis shorts, tennis shoes, etc.


Extensive Research & Prep

Before shooting began, Creasant’s photography crew conducted extensive research into each item’s history and characteristics to make sure they are best highlighted with the appropriate photography and compositional techniques. The backdrop color is inspired by the specific tennis court each item comes from so that the collector can easily recall the fond memories behind each photograph.


Phenomenal Lighting & Post-Production

The crew made sure to take macro shots of the most valuable parts of the items, namely the autograph and the Roger Federer logo. With the help of lighting and post-production, every detail of the handwriting, logo, and clothing item shows up on the final results.


Handled with Care

The crew took a series of protective measures during the shoot: gloves were worn each time a clothing item was handled and the dummies used were thoroughly sterilized to prevent fingerprints or stains. All props were also specially treated before using them in the shoot to ensure no damage would be done to the collectibles.



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