Diamond Restaurant

Packaging Design

Established in 1947 by Kam Shui Fai, the founder of Yung Kee, Diamond Restaurant was renowned for its dazzling Dragon and Phoenix wall hangings in the banquet hall and traditional Cantonese cuisine. After closing the last of its five branches in 2002, the restaurant’s successors have devoted themselves to transforming the brand into a gourmet food brand, providing Hong Kong people with fine ingredients sourced from all over the world. Creasant was commissioned to handle the packaging design, product photography, and marketing collateral design for Diamond Restaurant’s gourmet gift set, which includes four types of canned abalone, a bag of loose leaf Chenpi Pu’er tea, and a box of egg noodles.

Many Hong Kong people can still recall the majestic grandeur of Diamond Restaurant’s banquet hall, particularly the gold foiled Dragon and Phoenix carvings. Utilizing shades of gold and those of red, Creasant gave the gift set a look reminiscent of the banquet hall’s interior, which also symbolizes liveliness and celebrations. Other splendid carvings in the banquet hall are modernized as two-dimensional, traditional Chinese patterns on the labels for the canned abalone. Overall, a mix of classic and modern elements has revitalized the brand’s image, making the passing on of the brand’s heritage possible. The reusable hemp bag that comes with the gift set has the same design as the paper bags that the restaurant used for takeaways in the past, giving a vintage feel whilst being the more environmentally friendly alternative.


Effective Product Shots That Sell

Diamond Restaurant’s promotional leaflet features photos of the brand’s various gift sets taken by Creasant’s professional photography team. In addition to the standard studio shots, Creasant also handled the stylized shots of the abalone prepared with the recipes provided in the leaflet. Carefully paired with colorful ingredients, the abalone’s value and texture are aptly conveyed through the lens, calling out to the consumers. Also included in the leaflet are Diamond Restaurant’s history and old photos to reinforce brand awareness among younger consumers.



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