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Knowledge Transfer Office Website

CityU's Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) serves to conserve, disseminate, exchange, and commercialize the broad range of knowledge, discoveries and inventions produced by CityU researchers for the society's economic and social well-being. It forges close partnerships with leading industries, businesses, universities and the general public to ensure the latest research findings can be turned into applied or commercialized technologies, benefiting not just the Hong Kong community, but also national, regional and global communities.

When revamping KTO’s website, Creasant’s challenge lies in demonstrating the organization’s role in driving innovation while showcasing CityU’s numerous technologies, patents and intellectual properties in a clear and user-friendly manner.


Facilitates In-depth Reading

Infographic elements such as icons, illustrations, graphs and charts are heavily used to guide visitors through CityU's research findings. This allows different stakeholders to further understand and analyze the studies. Investors can use keyword tags and search filters to view the relevant research projects they are interested in investing in. Each research project page is detailed with the list of researchers and the operating principles, benefits and applications of the technology. Interested investors can scan the QR code at the bottom of the page to read more about the project.


Highlights Professionalism

To demonstrate professionalism and keep the media up to date with CityU’s technological development, Creasant’s programming team came up with a Highlight section where visitors can find CityU’s latest technology transfers and feature stories of researchers, both complete with professional photography and illustrations.



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