Asia Society Hong Kong Center

20th Century Chinese Female Artist Series

Sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, ASHK’s 20th Century Chinese Female Artists Exhibition Series aims to honour female artists in 20th century China for their contributions to the making of modern China. Creasant designed the websites for both exhibitions of the Series to engage the community.

Both websites adopt a one-page layout, providing an intuitive display of information on the Series, the exhibitions, the artists, the curators, and the events. The retro colour scheme is not only era-appropriate but also visually ties the two websites together.

Audio Guide Tour

Visitors can listen to the remarkable stories behind the paintings in front of them by simply clicking the thumbnails on the audio guide page. Whether a visitor has an hour or the whole day, they can be sure to make the most of their visit at their own pace.


Echoing Backdrops, Intuitive Navigation

The artist's work is used in the hero header, clearly stating the theme with clean and elegant typography. The careful visual arrangement of artwork and captions yields an experience reminiscent of a real gallery. A sticky menu provides quick and easy navigation.



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