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Customised Christmas eCards 2020

2020 was the first year of the pandemic, and every industry had to adapt to the new societal and business models of the new age. With reduced human-to-human contact and a significant increase in societal emphasis on health, our clients placed greater importance on conveying Christmas e-card messages. This aimed to strengthen mutual trust and communication with their business partners. During the pandemic, some industries turned crises into opportunities and found it essential to communicate this important message to the outside world. Assuring the public in the new era and new model became paramount, and sending warm festive greetings became more vital than ever before.

Christmas E-Cards in Contemporary Times

Compared to their traditional counterparts, Christmas e-cards embrace dynamic multimedia elements, combining inventive animations and ambient background music to elevate their charm and allure. This results in an immersive sensory experience for recipients. Imagine scenes where whimsical elves whisk a young girl and her family into a spellbinding Christmas dreamscape or where Santa embarks on a relentless ascent until he reaches the pinnacle of a Christmas tree, not to mention bespoke portrayals of clients' landmark buildings. Notably, in response to the current times, many clients this year have sought to weave in pandemic safety cues, such as Santa diligently sanitising his hands or company staff adorning masks conscientiously.


Empowering Brands with Bespoke E-Greetings

At Creasant, we blend steadfast dedication with expertise to create bespoke e-greetings for businesses. With a distinguished history spanning over 15 years in e-card customisation, we continuously align with cutting-edge technological trends. We aim to design e-cards that capture the heart of your brand, effortlessly spreading festive cheer among your stakeholders. Dive into our rich offerings at, or for more streamlined template solutions, head to