eCard Design

Customised Christmas eCards 2016

In the digital age, Christmas e-greeting cards have emerged as an inventive means to extend holiday wishes and heartfelt greetings to loved ones during the festive season. Leveraging emails, social media, or websites, our team crafts bespoke cards that encapsulate the spirit of Christmas and resonate with our clients' brand ethos. This bridges the bond between our clients and their business collaborators. During Christmas 2016, our team aided companies across various sectors in creating custom Christmas e-cards. This bolstered their relationships with partners and amplified their corporate branding during the joyous celebrations.

Crafting Brand Impressions

Our team prioritises close communication with our clients, aiming to thoroughly understand their company's and brand's unique characteristics. After grasping their essence, we propose solutions and engage in multiple discussions to ensure client satisfaction. With years of experience in animation production, our team crafts captivating animations that leave a lasting impression. Examples include cars driving through the night scenes of Hong Kong, the real-time operational processes of a client's business, and lively squirrels hopping on a Christmas tree. To top it all, we incorporate the client's company logo, crafting a one-of-a-kind corporate promotional image amidst the universal festive celebrations.


e-card Innovations

Driven by dedication, our team specialises in crafting electronic greetings for businesses. With a legacy spanning over 15 years in e-card customisation, Creasant stays abreast of cutting-edge technological advancements. Our commitment is to design e-cards that brilliantly echo your brand and message, seamlessly delivering festive sentiments to your clientele. For comprehensive details, please explore or for streamlined, template-based solutions, visit