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Capture Eye-sight, Efficient, Environmental Friendly are the key prospectives of our eBooks & Digital Signage solutions at Creasant Digital.

In this digital era, more and more businesses are using the Internet or digital platforms to deliver information or promotional materials. To win in this situation, it is not too late to start integrate our everyday habits with technology so you can now also provide your customers with user-friendly yet speedy style of reading leaflets, brochures, catalogues or even advertisements online.

Digital Books
With our proprietary algorithms and techniques, Creasant Digital's digital book solution offers secure and speedy online services for digital book or eCatalogue contents. It is indeed a server and browser independent solution which apart from putting it online, it can be delivered via compact discs. On the other hand, as an audience, the digital book can be viewed using the standard browsers which are installed on their personal computers or mobile devices. 

We aim to minimize your cost by printing less hard copy of the promotion materials but in a way to reach more target audiences via online material. In addition, with integration with your online website, it can ultimately enhance your online businesses. What's more, we together can build the concept of go green, save the trees and save the world.

Digital Signage
The use of digital signage for displaying public information, internal information, advertising or brand branding has been becoming more common and common. Most digital signage displays are controlled by servers, which the content distributors can update the contents easily and frequently. Apart from easy update and control, the support of video, multimedia and interactive materials is also another advantage over the traditional static signage. 

At Creasant Digital, our engineers not only focus on having the digital signage’s displaying on LCDs, but also help creating digital and interactive signage on kiosks, torch screens and even tablets. We aim to help customers to deliver their messages effectively by using digital signage, to boost their audiences’ retention and eventually to attain the best possible return of investment.

Capture Eye-sight | Efficient | Environmntal Friendly
Capture Eye-sight
to effectively aid customers to recall and retain delivered information
Efficient in delivering information and promotion materials to target audiences
Environmental Friendly by saving the cost and be in part of “Go Green”

eBooks & Digital Singnages
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