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Creative, Personalize, Reach More are the key prospectives of our Mobile Technology solutions at Creasant Digital.

Smart Phones, Tablets, Netbooks are the only few named mobile devices that people are using to access the Internet. We are not sure what will come next, nonetheless, we need to prepare not to miss any opportunity to grow your business. According to the research published by Tomi Ahonen at the end of 2011, Singapore has the largest smartphone user base per capital, with a 90% penetration, followed by Hong Kong 61%, Sweden 52% and Australia 47%.

Due to the increasing population of using smart phones, tablets etc; the use of mobile apps have been expanded full of variety. This includes productivity, information provider, entertainment, and even advertising. It has changed into a new battlefield where businesses are using it to reach its audience. If you do not have any presence in Apple Appstore or your website is not compatible to be viewed using mobile devices, this could reduce your chance to reach to your audience and become less competitive. At Creasant Digital, we are committed to plan, develop and implement applications on mobile platforms, either on iOS or Android. Furthermore, our services cover the area of design and build mobile-compatible websites. We strive to help our customers reaching more people in this new and interesting digital era.   

Creative | Personalize | Reach more
Creative in presenting your information on different mobile devices 
Personalize your mobile application experiences using mobile advance computing ability  
Reach more audience by gaining presence and exposure in the digital world   

Mobile Technology
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