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Environmental Friendly, Efficiency and Extraordinary are the key prospectives of our Electronic Greetings solutions at Creasant Digital.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, electronic greetings is a friendly way to stay in touch via the media channels with a unique and dynamic design yet carrying the theme of ‘Go Green and Save the Trees’. Along with sending your greetings, building a social responsible image can be achieved as carbon footprints can be reduced through sending electronic greetings since paper is not used for the end products. 

To help corporate or enterprises have their own greetings cards, Creasant Digital has been offering electronic greetings services to our clients for key festivals and occasions. A list of well designed e-card templates can be selected where our team will be placing your corporate identity for your sending out. If you would like to have a more unique and customize design, simply let us have your thoughts, sit back and we will create the rest. 

With either a template or customize design, along with a personalized message, the connection to your recipient can be delivered with just an instant of moment or on a specific date through our greetings card sending platform. In addition, it is a subtle way on marketing your services in the business prospective by tracking of whether the recipients have received the e-card to develop further customer relationships.

No matter what the occasion is, our design team will capture the key thoughts and create an extraordinary design to represent the uniqueness of your company. Furthermore, your care and thoughts will be delivered to their recipients along with the e-card. The uniqueness on the design with the personalized message weights the same, if not more than a phone call or email.

Environmental Friendly | Efficiency | Extraordinary
Environmental Friendly
 for reducing carbon footprints.  
Efficiency for delivering greetings on time.
Extraordinary discovers in the unique design.

Electronic Greetings
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