Hong Kong | Creasant Digital Limited Solutions

Creasant Digital Limited is much more than just a software development company. We provide truly innovative services and solutions which enhance companies' business operations and help them generate additional income through the use of Information Technology.

We offer a wide range of services and solutions, ranging from IT consultation, software and web-based solutions development. Our scale of solutions covers industry specific based solutions to customized end-to-end total solutions.

Our services and solutions are provided in professional manner. We believe that impressive and yet high quality solutions will help our clients with their business. We look to build long term relationships with our clients and to meet their needs as they grow and expand. We are geared to over exceed our clients' requirements and this is through working closely together with them to develop a truly customized turnkey product. You name it and we build it!

Creasant Digital's delivery model is based on agile approach which we aim to provide customers regular updates on the development progress, collect continuous feedbacks, encourage rapid & flexible response to changes and ultimately provide solutions to customers that best suits their needs. 


Our project management team reaches out to our customers, not only to set a good
relationship foundation but also the common goal for the project or tasks. With
the initial requirements briefed, our teams provide consultation services to
explore the feasibility, scalability, theme and creative ideas. In addition,
schedules for the project or tasks will be set.

With the general directions laid out, visual designs and mock
ups will be used for communications and reaching a
confirmed artwork layout. Contents or materials will be
collected so that our teams can study and analyse.
Functional specifications and test plan will then be
drafted as guidelines for the upcoming development. Our
teams work closely with our customer to resolve any
difficulties or questions throughout the project or tasks.

As defines, develop means the development of the
programs and integration of the contents. Each of the
programs is customized build according to the specifications
agreed. Our teams will perform quality check for the project
or tasks that includes testing and fine tuning in details.
The developed programs will also be provided to our customer
for checking and evaluate for improvement.

The quality checked program will be transferred to the production server
after the environments have been configured, the functionalities will be
revisited again to ensure they are working properly. Our customers will also be
invited to have a final check in the actual environment. Once all are approved, the
applications or enhancements will be released and launched.