About Us

Founded in 2002 in Hong Kong, Creasant Digital Limited is a software development company offering a complete suite of Information Technology services and solutions to corporates and enterprises in Asia and the world to meet the rapidly changing world of doing business.

We are totally dedicated to providing leading edge Internet technology and high quality custom software solutions and services. Our motto has always been to over exceed our clients' expectations. More than ever, during this information technology era, commercial enterprises require software and Information technology supports to augment and streamline their business operations. We listen closely to our clients' requirements and take a consultative approach, working closely with clients of all sizes and across different industries to enable them to succeed in their fields. Our wide range of services and solutions spans IT consultation to software and web-based solutions development for industry specific based solutions to customized end-to-end total solutions.

At Creasant Digital, we have clear vision and mission on how to achieve professional growth and maintain long term win-win situations with our clients.

- To develop, implement and deploy successful yet highly valued Information Technology solutions for our clients.

- To keep ahead of the curve by having constant improvements and innovations.
- To maintain and secure meaningful long term relationships with our clients and partners.
- To continuously strive for perfection in the services and solutions we provide.
- To have efficient communication with our clients and be flexible and prompt in meeting with and over exceeding their expectations.
- To equip and enable our clients to generate more business through our provision of technological consultancy and service delivery.
- To maintain long term and win-win relationships which add value to our clients' operations.
- To work with our partners to provide high quality services and solutions to gain competitive advantages and penetrate new markets.